Products and Services:

We sell the best quality/price fish from Djibouti and have created a perfect network of buyers, all specialists
in seafood, with whom we work on a daily basis.

Fish Buying patterns vary from client to client,depending on consumer habits. Red Sea Fishing is able to adapt
its fish processing to meet the individual needs of each client and consumer.


We are well known for:


Grouper(Merou) Kingfish(Thazard)
Trevally(Carangue) Emperor (dorade)
Barracuda(Barracuda) Red Snapper ( Rouget)
Gobia(Sakla) Sardine (sardine)
Jobfish(antack) Bonite (Cherwa)
Amberjack(dermella) Coryphene (Coryphene)
Snapper(Houdar) Snapper(Sifane)
Tuna(Thon) Tuna (zeinube)
Sail fish (Espadon) Sole(Sole)
Mackerel (Maquereau) Squid Fish (calamar)
Small Schrimps (Crevettes) Crabe(Crabe)
Big Schrimps (Gambas)

– Daily delivery of fish throughout the city and on the main markets of Djibouti.
– We also deliver fish to military vessels in Djibouti Main Harbour.
– We have two main selling points in Djibouti:
– La Sirène ( selling point within the fishing harbor)
– L’Etoile (Selling point in town ( Rue Soleillet))
– We export fresh fish to neighboring countries. (fish pack deal).

– We offer anchorage to boaters and visiting vessels.
– We offer them all kind of services to make their stay more comfortable, we supply Fuel, Ice and provisions for fishermen’s.

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